Fitsco’s LiteFit plastic inserts attract medical attention

Philip Schofield Fitsco CEO, says the material offers design engineers the further advantages of lightness, durability and resistance to corrosion.

Fitsco says the fact that medical scanners can see through the new plastic inserts has attracted interest due to the potential use in or on body applications in a variety of medical devices. Medical equipment manufacturers, scanner staff and patients can all benefit from the use of LiteFit plastic inserts.

For prosthetics or in body devices, using LiteFit threaded inserts will obviates concerns on the potential material deterioration or degradation that may occur with metal inserts.

“Reducing the metal content in the scanning machines themselves is an opportunity being welcomed by the manufacturer we are currently in design discussions with,” said Schofield.

“At the same time, using our new plastic inserts for medical devices worn either in or on the person being scanned allows better imaging to be provided to medical teams, with obvious advantages to patients as a direct result.”

Schofield added: “Moreover, patients also benefit from something that is lighter and less likely to be affected by degradation. So, if they are required to wear prosthetics or have anything carried within them that requires secure mechanical threaded fastening, LiteFit can make a difference.”

Article – British Plastics & Rubber

“Plastic Inserts”

PlasFit Plastic Inserts - Blank

The ‘insert industry’ has not changed its manufacturing methods in over 50 years
so we’re very proud to have launched a totally new ‘patent pending’ threaded insert range which will be of great interest to designers, especially those who are involved in the automotive, aerospace and medical markets where weight saving is an important criterion.

We have developed an innovative process of producing plastic threaded inserts,
used predominately by compression and injection molders, that can offer a
“weight saving” of up to 80% over the traditional, brass, steel or stainless steel
product without any loss in performance.

The method of manufacture means that parts can be produced in low, medium or high volumes without the need for expensive injection moulding tooling.

  • Up to 80% “Weight Saving” over traditional metal inserts
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • No plating required
  • Food Compliant
  • Electrical Insulator

New Product Launch


Interplas’17 – NEC Birmingham

Stand A36, Hall 4    Tuesday 26th September @ 11.00am

We’ll be revealing a new ‘patent pending’ product range’ which will be of great interest to designers, especially those who are involved in the automotive market where weight saving is an important criterion.

We’re always innovating new ways of providing the best solution to suit customer demands and offer inserts in a range of materials, full technical support ensuring the best product is chosen to suit an application and the view that “anything is possible”.


Q: Would you like a “sneak preview” before the show?


Fitsco at Automechanika 2016

SMMT Artwork


We will be exhibiting on the UK Pavilion stand at Automechanika Frankfurt.

You find us in Hall 4.1 on stand E63, from the 13th to the 17th of September at the Messe Frankfurt Venue.


As we are on the UK Pavilion stand we will be exhibiting along fellow British companies who also supply to the automotive industry. See a full list and links below.


There will also be an interpreter available to make it easier for customers who do not speak English to communicate with ourselves and fellow companies on the stand.


Our founder & CEO Philip Schofield will be on hand to discuss customers’ needs and suggest our best solution.

We’ll be showcasing the inserts we most commonly supply to the automotive industry. Along with a selection of the custom inserts we have manufactured for customers who require something more bespoke. Allowing customers to see the range of our capabilities.


Gold Key Media Germany GmbH have kindly provided us with copies of their ‘Best of Automechanika’ publication. Providing visitors with an informative guide to the show and highlights of this year’s Automechanika. Customers are more than welcome to pop by to collect a copy.




Companies on the UK Pavilion: Moseley Brothers, Ranger Stork, Autins, Advanex, Silent Sensors

Contact sales:

Call: 01746 769188


VCR Finally Dies……


Image from:

With the announcement of the end of production of the Video Cassette Radio (VCR) player this month we look at other products made by the plastics industry that have been replaced and succeeded by new technology. We also look at some that have survived!!

First up…The VHS

The injection moulded Polycarbonate plastic, Digital Video Disk (DVD) released in 1995, meant consumers had access to a higher quality picture and sound. Coupled with the developments in TV recoding from Sky+, TiVo and Virgin Media, the need and want for Video dwindled. It was 12 years ago that Dixons phased out sales of VCR players and they are also a name to have disappeared from our highstreets. Some will never know what it was like to have a video chew up inside the player, food or other random objects being posted into the player and finally (thankfully), no small hands being pushed into the letterbox sized cassette hole.

(The VHS cassette was made from a Polypropylene plastic shell, which in the case of Sony was vacuum formed. This then housed its Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tape)


Image from:

Next up, the Floppy Disk!

The small square plastic container made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which housed its flimsy disk and protected it from damage. In its day it was the only way to store and exchange data you had created on your giant chunky computer. This enabled you to take it with you and share it. Due to small storage space and developments in software, the creation of the re-writable CD and the rise of the USB flash drive allowed consumers to store larger sizes of data in a more portable device. The floppy disk is no longer a commonly used way to store data, although it is still used for some systems in manufacturing…..CNC machines for example. The younger generations have been heard to refer to a floppy disk as a ‘3D printed save icon’…..which to them, it is. To those of us who used a floppy disk, we know the real reason the save icon is that little square.


For some this will bring back warm fond memories, the Walkman !! (You cool kids!) or more importantly in this case the ‘Tape’!!

A trademark of the Japanese giants Sony…..the Walkman allowed consumers to listen to their cassette tapes while on the move it offered ‘privatised personalisation.’ The cassette tape (or tape) was a small polyester type plastic case that housed the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tape. You could buy them pre-recorded or blank versions which allowed you to record. Consumers used them in dictaphones and many used them to record their favourite radio stations. It is also where the term ‘mix tape’ originates from as many users made a compilation of their favourite songs, a popular gift to give to someone you cared about (Hands up if you made one with mushy songs for your crush). You couldn’t skip a track you had to fast forward or rewind and hope you didn’t go too far. Also it could at times get chewed up in the player so you had to rewind it by hand with a bic biro pen. Similarly, to the Video Cassette, the tape is another product that has been replaced, in this case by the Compact Disc (CD).

This then naturally lead to the creation of the Discman. The portable disc player. Which did pretty much everything the Walkman did however you couldn’t move around with it too much because the movement would move the disc inside causing it to skip. Later models fixed this but many will remember trying to be steady while playing their CD.


Image from:

‘I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up…..’

While CD’s are used less they are still being sold and used. Sometimes you can’t beat holding your music instead of downloading it.

Vinyl, the (originally Shellac) polyvinyl chloride disc was released in 1948 then dropped from mainstream markets in 1991. It has seen increasing sales year on year since 2009. It may be old but it’s still cool. With new artists such as: Adele, Sam Smith and Kendrick Lamar releasing their music on Vinyl for the mainstream markets.

While our tastes as consumers may change, technology adapts and evolves, some products that were once the object of desire will become a memory. Luckily for many of our customers and us also, the plastics industry will continue to grow as new products replacing old will still need to be made from similar materials.

So it’s farewell to the VCR, hello to the new exciting products (some with the need for more inserts though….cheeky product plug!).


Image from:×2160

Contact us today for any information or help you need with choosing the right plastic or threaded inserts for your current and future projects.

01746 769188

FAST Exhibtion 2016

Exhibiting at the FAST Exhibition (Fastener & Assembly Solutions and Technology) in Manchester on the 21st April’16 is seen as an important move for us as it’s an area of the country we’ve not exhibited in before. As a UK manufacturer the show allows us the opportunity to speak ‘face to face’ with designers, engineers and purchasing.

A ‘free service’ we now offer to designer engineers is the ability to download CAD files, via our ‘GrabCad’ site, which will make it easier for designers and engineers to incorporate our parts in their designs.


This year’s Fast Exhibition also includes entry to the PPM Exhibition (Plastics Prototyping and Metals). PPME is specifically aimed at OEM’s sourcing plastic mouldings, rapid prototyped parts and ancillary services. This is a sector we have recently become more involved in, supplying different types of threaded inserts in both ‘low’ and ‘high’ volumes.


What you can expect from us at the show?

Jess Parsons (Sales – ‘New Business’) is specifically at the show to meet people who may have never dealt with us previously and is the point of contact for all of our new customers. She can help to organise any additional requirements you may have to ensure your experience with us is the best it can be and existing customers, who have any new and upcoming projects, can also contact Jess for further assistance.

Visit us at the show on Stand 29.

Please discuss any issues you are having with using inserts in plastics, wood and metals with us, as with over 30 year experience in the threaded insert business, we are sure to be able to find a solution to any problems you may be having.

Contact Jess:

Call us: 01746 769 188

National Apprenticship Week -An Apprenticship can take you anywhere.

As we come to the end of National Apprenticeship week (14th – 18th March 2016).
Fitsco would like to share our last remaining manufacturing apprentice….

Fitsco Blog Ash Image 2

Being one of the last remaining UK manufacturers of threaded Inserts we find apprentices an integral part of our organisation.

There is a lack of individuals in our industry who possess the manufacturing skills we need. We feel it is important to train young apprentices to enable us to pass on our knowledge and train another generation so that Fitsco can continue to manufacturing threaded inserts in the UK.

Apprenticeships are something we look to continue into the future, our apprenticeship scheme allows us to continue this development and growth of our workforce.


To enquire about Fitsco Industries Apprenticeship scheme please

e-mail: and ask for Steve.

2015 went something like this……

We began by celebrating “twenty five years” of being in business and decided to celebrate this achievement with a boat party on the River Thames. We invited customers, suppliers and of course our ‘Fitsco family’ all of whom have worked hard to get Fitsco to the successful company it is today. We danced the night away taking in the views of London from the river and throughout the night birthday balloons were released with a guests name attached the one travelling the furthest arriving in France, Oui Oui Magnifique! All in all, a great night was had by everyone.

You could say we literally ‘sailed’ into 2016…..

Welcome 2016 1

2015 included another “first” for the company as we were nominated for two business awards. We were selected as finalists for the “Best Place to Work” and “Manufacturing Excellence” categories in the Shropshire Star Business in Excellence awards. We attended the finalist dinner at Cosford Air Museum along with other fellow finalists and although we didn’t take home an award we still received a ‘highly commended’ in the Manufacturing Excellence category. The evening was an enjoyable showcase of all the great businesses currently in Shropshire and we were very proud to have been picked as finalists.

Welcome 2016 2

During the year we attended three trade shows, PDM at the International Centre, Telford and both of the FAST exhibitions at Silverstone and the Williams F1 Conference Centre . We met some new potential customers, got some great leads and have already decided to participate again this year.

Welcome 2016 3

You will be able to find us at both the FAST Exhibition, this year being held at the Concord Conference Centre, Manchester on the 21st April and the PDM Show from the 14th to the 15th June at the International Centre, Telford……..we’ll see you there!!

We are also happy to announce that our first ‘manufacturing apprentice’ has now joined the company as a full time employee and a new apprentice has joined us to make sure the manufacturing skills needed are continually being passed on. There is a lack of skilled workers available in our industry so we feel it is essential to pass on these much needed manufacturing skills. This also prepares our apprentices for the world of manufacturing outside of the threaded inserts market should they ever leave us which of course they don’t as they want to be part of the ‘Fitsco family’ !!

Welcome 2016 4

Last year we noticed a significant increase in orders within the UK market as well as our developing export business. As a result, we have had to take on more staff in both sales and manufacturing to enable us to cope with this influx of demand for our parts. After a company re-structure, ‘Aces are now in their places’ allowing us to successfully meet the worldwide demand for our parts.

Welcome 2016 5

 Our main focus for 2016 will be continued growth, sustainability and the development of the ‘Fitsco family’ as they are very much at the heart of our business.

Here’s to a successful 2016!!

Cheers Blue


What to expect at this years PDM show.

Fitsco will be exhibiting at the PDM /PRE /PPS Show on the 16th and 17th June at the Telford International Centre.

PDM FIrst Image PDM Blog

Last year saw ­ 3,300 (1,800 PDM) people attend. With 149 exhibitors currently registered (112 PDM) compared to last year, where 146 exhibited (103 PDM). With more exhibitors being added every day the event is already looking to be more successful than last year.


The combination of the three shows allows exhibitors to reach more potential customers than if the show were restricted to just one. Visitors need to only register to one of the three shows to allow them access to all.

PDM also celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year, with PRE celebrating its second year and PPS newly joining. This means that the show is set to provide something for every visitor in one location. More conference sessions have been announced, with the return of some great speakers who had in-depth knowledge of their industries last year.

To name a few……

PDM Mark BarnettPDM Karen DrinkwaterPDM Richard Brown

PDM Nick HenworthPDM Luke HamptonPDM Bob Howard

PDM Dan JordanPDM Kevin VysePDM Anna Weislander

If we listed them all we could be here all day!!

To view the full list of speakers Click Here for PDM, Click Here for PRE and Click Here for PPS.

You will find Fitsco on Stand B005

PDM Find Fitsco

To view the complete floor plan, Click Here.

Fitsco Industries a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of standard threaded inserts for use in plastics, wood and metals. Is now specialising in manufactured parts from a variety of materials to suit customer’s needs including imperial thread sizes from a range of materials including brass, lead free brass, phosphor bronze, steel and 303 and 316 stainless steel.

For over 25 years Fitsco has been providing high quality inserts, technical advice, drawings and engineering expertise to plastic injection moulders, rotational moulders, construction industry, automotive, aerospace and marine customers. They have increased their product range so can offer a total assembly solution for plastic moulding assemblies including thread forming screws for fixing solutions for plastics where inserts are not required.

You provide the problem . . . . . . Fitsco provides the solution.

Fitsco Fix
Parts can also  be entered onto the IMDS system to provide automotive manufacturers the confidence they need and full traceability.

For the full list of Exhibitors Click Here.

The show will be one that you won’t want to miss this summer, register today !!

01746 769188